Thursday, August 14, 2014


-Good we have funerals. So,

 saying goodbye to somebody you haven’t seen in years.

-Not so! I ran into the corpse last year when the 

Steelers came in.

-Don’t mention that game. I’m still sick!

-Don’t take it too far, or you’ll be lying there soon 

with New York Giant decals on the coffin.

-You discovered my last wish!

-Rest in relative peace!

-But how about you? Still the Rebel Without a Cause?

-I won’t be the stuffed dummy in the box! That’s
for sure!

-Yeah, yeah? Conform in some fuckin something,
will you? You’re a total faggot bore!

-It’s stupid!

-Life is fuckin stupid. Grow up!

-I refuse.

-Refuse! Confuse! Defuse! Shut up!

-Our friendship never changes.

-Huh! I got real friends!

-You’re just trying to hurt.

-What’s this? Chickflick?

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"Ran into the corpse last year..."
Great thought.
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