Saturday, August 23, 2014


The Beautiful Woman

Tired of the attention, disgusted really, and, skipping
the makeup that morning, puts on her grungiest sweater
and jeans.

The test fails when she passes the construction workers
after exiting the Lexis.

Instead of individual calls, though, just one slamming sound
like a wall falling.

Once she’s in Starbucks the Baristas stare so, they bump each
other assembling cappuccinos.

But Desko Ho Muchanols approaches her mezzanine table with
a proposition.

Business. She eventually accepts, and is now Queen of the
Hellgora Tribe in Exile.

Picked up every morning in a limo, and the driver is forbidden to
look at her.

She catches him peeking in his mirror. “Do it again, Motherfuck,
and I’ll get you fried!”

Queens can be vulgar, though very very occasionally.

She eats mostly chocolate now, and is gaining tremendously.

The tribe loves this. “More more more!” is begged of her.

Their Goddess, Samolist, having been many stones.

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Fantasy baked in the Tastycake Studios.

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