Friday, August 01, 2014


The High-Minded Couple

Rest of us, crudest
jokes drinking, vile
double-entendres, too,

hungover. Add hysterical
laughter traveling behind

accidental cracks whilst high.
Our HMC, though: Spinoza

or some such tangled egghead dude.
Thence Christ for revered simplicity.

Larry Lank sneered “Wouldn’t say ‘shit’
if they hadda mouthful!”

Well, we’ve all matured now, fully,
customarily would approach their

level of spotlessness, but they’ve
spurted ahead in the Doctrine.

Birthers, with no end of plots thereby.
Other conspiracies cavort madly

in the looser wings to test them.
They are, moreover, beset horribly

with Mencken's dread involving an
earlier American “Puritanism:

The haunting fear that someone,
somewhere, may be happy.”

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They exist so we can disparage hem.
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