Tuesday, September 09, 2014



Effie pretended nothing was
different, but, truth is, she
couldn't really see their faces.

They were pixillated in life, like
some victims on TV.

She walked elsewhere in
the company to see others
with exact noses, eyes,
mouths. So, it wasn't her.

But just her boss, Rector, Sales
Manager, Mipsky, and Jill, in
charge of New Business.

Last week they had been called
into the boardroom. Thereafter,
their facial features had gradually

Now she is called in. Funny, she
has no fear, but has kept out of
the loop during the last, disastrous

It couldn’t have been a warmer
experience, and she emerges
in charge of her section.

She'd have to fire Rector. Promised to.
Indeed, the other two will shortly
follow in her plans.

They'll all receive faces back, so not
a complete tragedy.

And the new people will be well-
defined, like everything else
under her.

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A fresh look at corp life.
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