Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Post Most Everything

-Whatever happened to romantic songs? Boy meet girl,
and everything lovely and soft!

-Up the shit-chute with the rest of the lies, Gramps!

-“Let me put this one on with all the second-rate
violins and gay crooners, and then I’ll show you
something you ain’t seen before, Dearie Mine!”

-“O la, Sir! Well...only thrice!”

-Yeah yeah, you know it all with all the playacting of you two!
And do you really gotta dress like Goths?

-Goths! Goths? Ancient History lecture in next room!

-Anyway, Gramps, we’re actually deconstructing Rock

-With “songs” like Silence?

-Hey if Johnny Q and his proud slut wantsa listen
to ten minutes of nothing, that’s their prerogative!

-Utterly stupid!

-Not so! Just the opposite!

-Take a nap, Grandpa!

-I just got up!

-Take another.

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