Sunday, September 20, 2015


Action Figure

Cindy, In Short

“Well I STILL don't understand!”

They pity her then, this intellectual family she’s
somehow a part of.

There frequently follow wisecracks as to why Cindy
lost her husband.

Actually a man who then married a widow with five
potential delinquents. She phones him weekly and
it’s forever Bedlam.

She has revenge fantasies involving those around the
dinner table, never him.

The best: they're buried in a deep mine.

Her only friend proves Mrs Finnegan. She had hired her
as housekeeper, though the family can't remotely fathom
why Cindy doesn’t handle that too, as well as chef.

No complaints, ever, as to the food. Being graduate of
The Culinary Institute.

She always has Mrs Finnegan at Friday twilight for a
special desert and iced white wine.

This time they hear a washing rain outside, very nearly
drowning the voices from the mine for Cindy.

Who flaunts the Reisling.

Dr Loosen Kabinett Blue Slate 2014! you utter nincompoops!

Perhaps Mrs Finnegan heard the voices from the mine also.
She definitely heard something as they sipped. Something part
of the severe rain, or not.

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