Thursday, September 17, 2015


Nature and Process

They always said you can’t walk off the island,
but, in a sense were wrong.

Hurricane Loretta, though destroying many of
the houses, thrust up a new section from the Ocean.

There you can walk now for half a mile.

It’s contiguous to Doc Rister’s and Hocky Morrisey’s
properties, so they fight atrociously as to who owns it.

Doc finally shoots Hocky in his tent, but the gun
blows up at the insurance round, dispatching him
in addition.

The state has seized the new land. The tree huggers
want a park, but Paradise Cottages–-Own your
little bit of etc--has already bid, sort of. Bribed, more like.

More Ticky-Tacky in our future, but with nobody forbidden
to walk there.

“Win-Win!” exults our governor.

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Gotta love the new tax rev!
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