Saturday, October 03, 2015



The Final Sound

Gramps played with the new electric windows in his condo
till bedtime. Micks never saw him this happy.

Destry and Louise lit on Micks that next week. “It’s Phoenix!
Clamp the windows and crack up the A/C! But you wanted
to throw our money out the fancy-pancy windows!”

His Power of Attorney was actually none of their business.
The old man wanted the windows and Micks complied.

Anyway, they were no longer in the will after Gramps had
bankrolled their decorating business.

“Oh, they just don’t like you. Queer-Adver!”  This from his
long-time partner, Rhett But.

Who, of course, made it a trademark to drop the final sound
at times.

Following month, all Gramps’ diseases assembled into a
Final Stroke.

The estate was easy for Micks. The old man had given
most away and had just lived on his pensions. They died
with him.

Destry and Louise got their oar in, or tried.  Hinting that
they should get half of the proceeds of the condo sale.

“When you’re, anyway,  throwing the money out those
fancy windows anyway...?”

Actually, the portion they coveted was slated for the
Humane Society.

“As a Christian,” Rhett But maintained to Micks. “I want you
to do more than the right thing! As to your toxic relatives? must remind you, and me: Judge that you not be!”

So Micks wrote a check for the entire amount to The Humane Society.

Louise and Destry felt terribly wronged in the name of Family.

“Long live Fido and Fluffy!” they sneered.

But a new commission seized their greedy mind. A mountain
village of three thousand “cottages.” Lucerne!

“Oh! Swiss Roh-COH!” squealed Rhett.

The hilarity lasted through the Suns Game that night. A good
thing, since they performed listlessly against the Los Angeles Lake.

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