Saturday, February 13, 2016


Familiar 4


-You ought to be ashamed!

-Hey! Boring supermarket line, I
peruse the literature.

-Well, see to it!

-Grow them? For your pleasure?

-Get started.

-It'll all about you, isn't it?

-You've noticed!

-At any rate, your wish is my command!
It can't be otherwise.

-Be careful in the bathroom. Maintain
your fluff!



-I feel a strange vibration in this town!

-Vaginas. Women rule here!

-What will my role be?

-Buckling under.

-How to start?

-Hang up your trousers. Won't need them again.

-But in between, my ass will get cold!

-No great art without flaw.



-Work has been mega mega pressure!

-No excuses. Get up or get out!

-And the loss of my mother...

-Been a year. She no longer has an
active role in our bedroom.

-When we married, you were right out
of Norman Rockwell. Now it’s the fellow
who paints Hell!

-Bring him around.

Deadly Deuce

Her ferocity shattered him. But she was
so so hurt!

He heard her out and was told to leave.

Thus, gained she a good hour for nails.

That late evening, his friends counseled
patience. Skip a day before phoning.

Rehearse the heartfelt apology.

“Let’s face it,” remarked Kirksey.
“You’re holding on to her for
sex only.”

Mark concurred, toasting “the
atrocious couple!”

But the dinged one protested love.

They refused to buy it.

So, drinking slowly, he tried tomorrow’s
lines on them.

“Day after,” reminded she.


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