Monday, February 22, 2016


Often At Debate

-Well I’m just EXHAUSTED!

-Whatever for? Did you actually DO anything?

-Played tennis early on.

-That should have worn off by now. Recovery Phase.

-You think?

-Who won?

-The four of us just ass around.

-Then? Let me guess, boutique-ing!

-I’ll kill if I don’t get a pair of Maxie Prentisses.

-Aren’t those just painted army boots?

-Not JUST! The Earth and Moon and Stars!

-Whatever floats your boat.

-Mine is sinking!

-Bear up! Somewhere at this moment a person
your age is going off to be killed in a war.

-Well that’s horrible!

-Our rare agreement.

-You don’t count.

-And YOU were once called a Bright Young Thing! In F Scott Fitzgerald novels.

-That’s ancient history, and you’re ancienter!

-Making up words?

-You just stay with the old ones! And then die.

-This conversation is for the ages. And the gods!

-They’re dead too.

-Too bad! They’d all be clomping around in
Maxie Prentisses!

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