Sunday, February 14, 2016


Saving Math

-I've got the one bad habit.

-Not to say atrocious!

-I've taken measures to break it.

-Such as...?

-Well...half measures anyway.

-Then, the half get halved.

-Thus, quarter measures. Still okay.


-Okay okay! Maybe I'm all the way
down to one sixty-fourth!

-Keep going and you'll get even worse.

-No. The math favors me, no matter what.
It's good for my character that I keep improving,
however small.

-By this time, indistinguishable from horror!

-Uh uh. According to Archimedes–-I think--I'll
never really get bad again.

-Those Greeks knew their shit. Not!

-(Sings) Life can be so sweet
             On the sunny side of the street.

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