Sunday, February 28, 2016


The Arguments of Music

“It’s no use,” cracked Happy. “The Earbud God
fetched ‘em back.”

He had awakened at three for the bathroom,
and couldn’t get back to sleep. So he plugged
in the earbuds.

His thing was wartime music. Bing Crosby,
The Andrew Sisters with Don’t Sit Under
the Appletree.”

“All those blocky clothes. The women looked like
football linebackers,” mused Dorothea.

“You want, instead, the lousy garage bands of eternity?
Or the crap you have today with shit lasers shooting
everywhere and the cretinous audience waving at the
glazed performers!”

“I’ve seen some of the latter actually responsive!”

“Hey!” he stamped it. “With Bing you got every word!”

“Unfortunately. Maudlin sick crap full of true love
while the whole world cheated.”

“Better than today’s incomprehensible Horst Wessel Song!–-
new propagandist smear-jive to further dull the dull wits.”

The earbuds never found. New ones bought to transmit
the historical past.

Happy again, well, happy.

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