Friday, March 18, 2016


Extracting Words

I like the new movies, like,
a million-percent better.

Who has time for talk?

As in life, words slowwwww

But the scene of Genevieve and
Luc walking in the misty woods?
Maybe I’m half interested in the
Crap he’s shoveling her.

So I hafta ask Dialog Revealer on my
Virtual Reality.

“Nothing. Small talk similar to what
the birds are obviously saying.”

I comment Everything muffled, and that’s
always a good thing. So I can get on with
my freakin life!

“As...wishes tragic Genevieve! But you
haven’t murdered an old boyfriend!”

No shit? Oh show that!

“Plus, argument beforehand?”

Nah! The same as everybody’s.

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Covers a lot of ground, that one.
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