Wednesday, April 27, 2016


High Standards

-That’s it! She put my jar of cashews in the frig!

-New to her! Give her a chance! She has one shot: you!
Or it’s back to Wasooga Land!


-She’ll never get another visa.

-Then you and the Church better work something out.
I wash my hands!


-What a prick! Did she hafta go back to sure death?

-As luck would have it, the New Revolutionary Force
marched up Park Avenue, ended up sending HIM to
Wasooga Land. She and a boyfriend stay in his penthouse,
and put all sorts of things in the frig! You’d never guess!

-That’s the only Case of Justice I’ve ever heard!

-A few more before the inevitable Reign of Terror.

-Can’t we head THAT horror off?

-Not before we purge the Wealth Spawn!

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Art imitates life rather well
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