Wednesday, April 13, 2016



Everywhere an inside game. Which Cal
had played with some little skill...and then
often stepped aside for chaos to sweep in.

He enjoyed picking up on clues of chaos

Case in point: the upcoming Republican

The Morning Maniac kept drive time
hopping with little dialogues.

Delegate A: What are you thinking?

Delegate B: Nothing.

Delegate A: That dangerous?

But a big official had been a guest all week,
and tried to anchor the nuts. “There are rules,
and they’re being followed!”

“Of course,” he added to the Maniac’s glee,
“the rules can be changed on whim!”

All this had Cal on edge. He considered
himself a Connoisseur of Chaos! but felt the
need for additional tips this time.

Had to catch a series of deep breaths
walking into work from the parking garage.

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