Sunday, May 08, 2016



Min and Deirdre ran from the Winn-Dixie 
with his plastic bags. Caught him entering 
his Focus.

He laughed, and made the requisite
joke that his mother said he'd forget 

his head if it wasn't attached etc.

They left before they could think to
ask him of the legend that he had
forgotten his wife.

All too true! They had gone to one of the
Star Wars Epics, and his mind full
of whizzing fighter planes and quirky
robots, he left her in the Ladies' Room
and drove home alone.

She phoned her sister, stayed with her

When he thought of it, he emailed her to
return, but she never replied.

Seven years have passed, and she has left
her sister's to live alone.

The perfect place for such sensitive ones,
he muses, then forgets.

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