Wednesday, May 04, 2016


Face the Nation 2120

We start with videos of “Rascal.”
The Royal Child, now three.

Then Denise Armbruster and I, per
usual, interview the King.

“I’m so happy, again, that you afford me
the opportunity to talk to my people!--
although your opening segment
featured one as yet uncivilized!”

We all laugh. And, as His hobby is History,
end up discussing the old vile parties,
Delegates, and Repeaters.

Most instructive!

There follows a plea for the miners in Montana
to put down their arms.

“”I promise Absolute Amnesty if you act within
twenty-four hours!”

Naturally, we praise his generosity, and of course,
allude to the Queen’s lovely prayer for the miners’
wives and children!”

Running as a banner across the bottom of the screen
as we again speak of the irrepressible Rascal!

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