Sunday, May 15, 2016


Oriental Notions

-With the new bullet train, Etsuko had to decide
faster than she was used to.

-The romantic conclusion?

-She sent her brother to turn him around at
the station.

-Thus, Malcolm back to Massachusetts?

-And Etsuko into the practiced arms of a man
who runs Yokohama jewelry stores.

-Her gracing each in turn: Kimono, and offering tea?

-Wouldn't want to short your stereotypes.

-How about Malcolm's? American True-Blue!

-He goes with the woman who manages his
softball team. All facts and figures.

-Not THAT type!

-Not in the bedroom: she only stops to pee!

-Grossly American! I can't even VISUALIZE
Etsuko's tinkle.

-From the people who brought us The Bataan
Death March!

-She transcends all History!

-Did you ever see Nelly make water?
She pisses a hell of a stream.

It goes for a mile and a quarter.
And you can't see her ass for the steam.

-Make it all vulgar! And folk!

-What it is. Hey! Pretty little Etsuko saw
her life and then invented it!

-Like we all don't?


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