Sunday, May 01, 2016


Reality Show

-Sick of Cynthia’s hemming and hawing!

-And especially her Bum of the Month?

-That mostly, so we stage a reality show
for her.

-Pick Your Husband!

-How did you know?

-Vast experience in barroom hazes.

-Stop right there! We all stay sober. Even hire
a  professional MC.

-And the candidates ARE?

-John the Bouncer-Poet.

-Quite a longshot he!

-Harley the motorcycle guy.

-Outa jail again?

-Cut his hair too! And Max the Professor,
AND! Max the Accountant.

-Extensively degreed, both!

-At the other end, Lettuce, the Farmer.

-Does he deliver to Whole Foods?

-Almost exclusively.

-Completes the cast?

-Save for Sammy Suck-Around, with her since
grammar school!

-Then let’s get on with it!

-Each glows! In bloated intro of the MC! Some accept shyly,
others add disgusting detail.

-Dog and Pony Show!

-But such a prize! The much more than camera-ready Cynthia!

-Finally, finally, chooses one?

-We wake up Piano Man, and he pounds out ragtime suspense chords!

-And the winner IS!

-You’d never guess.

-I see Max the Accountant as the most bizarre, thus probable.

-Good guess. Uh, orate again?

-And the winner IS!

-The MC!


-Leaves with him--both coiffed approximately the same.

-Unfair! Beauties already clog the market in Show Business!

-Marrieds live in Jersey City now. He wanted to be close to
the dog food factory he’s spokesman for.

-And they say Method-Acting is dead!

-She dresses as a Yellow Lab when they tour.

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A reality hah!
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