Thursday, May 05, 2016


Reasonable Coherence

The new reorganization philosophy in an office
that had last suffered through

Team First!

RC sought sensible outcomes through sensible means,
and with personnel not bending themselves like Gumby.

Tough sell, though, by Mr Carkswell, brought in to institute it.

Mrs Carkswell's first husband was Farmer Joe, deceased.
That couple seemed to have Reasonable Coherence built in.

Anyway, she got up before Carkswell did and baked a box of
chocolate chip cookies.

Said box still warm on the train, which nearly went collectively
mad with the aroma.

Staff went ravenous, and each dropped in to his office with
a  phony question re Reasonable Coherence.

The next week, Farmer Joes, a sort of molasses cookie.
To his memory also, she tossed in a shot of his moonshine.

After this, Peanut Butters cinched the deal. She ground her own.

Berts and Mongo started the office mantra, when they laughingly
said to Carkswell “We will do your will!”

Then others said the same, not laughing.

Anything could go too far. Example: the spotted box which Carkswell  repeatedly used had been stolen, and some say eaten.

He didn't worry. Could scale everything back, using the principles
of Reasonable Coherence.

But, of course, the cookies had to continue at any rate.

A shiny new box each week was the compromise.

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