Friday, May 13, 2016


Sexual Exercises

The text from Captain Ambrose
Hartaker to Captain Dolores Noler:
U locate troops wrong map sgmnt.

Back from her: Qwkly corrctd! On move! 

Thanx Sir!

He to Lt Charley Hosk: “Parallel Parking 

in War.”

She to Lt Eloise Nelson: “Honestly!
Such Assholes!”

Later to both Captains in conference call
from Operation High-Top War Games
Referee, Colonel Harley "Biff" Grimes:

"Your units captured, high rate of
dead and wounded!"

Upon his hanging up, to fellow ref,
Colonel Max Grady: "The women at
least LOOK better."

Max: “How many incompetents does
it take to lose a war?”

"Or win one?"


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