Friday, May 20, 2016


The Team

I've filled out this same Form-19
for ten years! Nothing has changed.

-Ah but it has! Since I'm filling it
out with you!

-For some reason.

-But now we're even more vulnerable to
hackers as a team, so our password is...
I'll write it down once.


-Asta the dog in the Thin Man movies?
With characters Nick and Nora?

-How about the 67 etc at the end?

-Can't reveal that.

-And what's a movie anyway?

-You're so perfect for this experiment!
Mother's name?


-Must change it to Andrea.


-Trust me!

-And...keep trusting you?

-You learn fast. Which contradicts
the profile.

-Just a rebel!

-Or as much of a one can be tolerated
in pussy times.

-Do you superiors know that you...?

-That’d be a novelty. They know nothing!
But which party’s box to check, of course.

-How did sunken politics begin to rule?

-Began with Hongo buying his way to
Caveman of the Month with old fish.

-Still stink!

-Anyway, we skip now until the signatures.
Omitting the same tired chorus of all your
mediocre years.

-Are you married?

-I was, but direct speech a no-no!

-I found that out also. So I presently retreat
to my single studio facing a brick wall.

-Fret not! You live on in the vibrancy of Form-19!

-In relative gaiety then?

-You’re a Derby Winner compared to the mudders 

I deal with!

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Life, recast.
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