Thursday, June 02, 2016


At the Addiction Shop

it's Let’s Pretend.  I’ve combined a few ingredients,
and try to fake I’m experimenting.

Of course, my Old Harrower still rules!

But, they’re not to find that out!

They do, of course, and I’m at The Committee!

Led by the triply-sweet Jennifer. Who digs at
the raw parts with efficiency!

Finally my nerves just can’t take it, and it just fires
out of me! “How many men have YOU ruined?”

“No, no. A frank exchange!” she answers those
who wish to expel me on the spot.

Her tack changes then to slow seduction. I’m promised
The Harrower forever if I go along. Implicitly promised,
naturally. Jens is nothing if not slick.

Well, grating story short, I’m ruined by her. And, by
the way, I make seven, three who committed suicide.

Then, tossed from Addiction Shop altogether!

I must put myself out with the trash the following

Sounds more terrible than it is. The guys just
put me in a separate compartment in their
huge truck. Lefty-2 brings coffee. Nice of him.
We shout over the rumbling.

“How can you be sure this is not my addiction?”

“It’s everybody’s!” He adds cream to his and
it shimmers.

“That's beautiful!” I tell him.

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