Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Economics etc

Best to have one you mentored
give closing remarks at your
death or retirement.

Smithy could think of no one,
for those he had helped had fled,
and left no forwarding address.

He could find them on Linked-In,
but why? Feelings always a bit
distant...his personality mostly.

Oh well! Hire a professional!
Jocelyn was bright and chipper,
and, at the sparsely-attended
banquet, praised his guidance
for her present, solid career.

He had retired to an empty house.
His Beth finally departing to live
with her ill sister.

To help, ostensibly, but never
to return.

Did the same service have “wives”

Of course! In the Gig Economy, you
could hire everybody but yourself.

Riella was sent three days a week–-
a pliant and lovely individual to
clean and screw--the rest he bachelored it.

Then, one day, she was sent on special
assignment to France, and the service
dispatched Bert.

Who claimed to be more than competent
in all departments!

Smithy was doubtful and reticent, but
gave it a trial run. The men argued a lot,
but that was really a plus: feeling more alive.

A year later, Riella returned, exclaiming “Merde!”
but Bert stayed.

They left the temp company then.

The three are working things out.

She wrote and sang a French song, 

Ménage à Trois.

All very complicated, and French, but Smithy figures
that The American Way should probably involve his
returning to work.

And, could do better for his mates!

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Very LGBT friendly.
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