Monday, June 27, 2016


Life In a Vulgar Proverb

With the totally great day finally here,
Malcolm doesn’t know whether to shit
or go blind.

On a sort of health kick, chooses former.

Has a frozen blueberry waffle then.

Hasn’t read the label carefully:
blueberries not real.

Finds out later. Careless!

A hungry mob now throngs the cold street,
ruining it for everyone! You can’t have
celebrations with them!

Clashing shouts and yells, and muffled
collisions. Soon followed by fist upon flesh.

Since the car charged, he decides to leave.
Doors and windows placed ajar so the
thin malcontents won’t smash in. Blindly.

Has recorded a message on a loop:
Blueberries artificial.

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A northern climer.
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