Sunday, June 12, 2016


Med Nutz

-“A duck just slid over our filthy lagoon,
quacking loudly!

So I quacked back!”

At that point in the interview, my “Committee
of Doctors” whipped out notebooks and scribbled
a full five minutes.

Then they conferred. Then, quacked discordantly.

But...the Docs aren’t supposed to be nuts. That’s my role!

-It’s everybody role here. We’re all nuts and we’re all doctors.
You included. It’s an experiment.

-I’m...going back to religion!

-Was that your Rock?

-It sunk me, the way it does folks today.

-Well, what’s so bad about being crazy in the
secular sense? The food is good.

-Chef Otto. He came straight from the Waldorf,
after bursting his screws after a diner’s compliant
regarding a pistachio flan.

-He’s also a physician! Dusseldorf!

-They won’t settle for less than perfection here!

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So, I'm thinking most docs iz quackz!
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