Friday, June 24, 2016


The Free Market and God and Adam Smith!

The Respectable Firm

"Another Hopaloo Victory like that and we're outa

The Old Man always said that, his nurse whispering

They had returned from the hospice to administer
loyalty oaths concerning The Free Market and God
and Adam Smith!

"Don't need Uncle Sammy's Rule-Boys!"

If Mr Presser had bothered asking, he'd discover
that Hopaloos were a tribe of foreign competitors the
old man's ancestors had once wiped out at a very great cost.

So he showed off by saying it really was a “Carthaginian Victory.”

The nurse immediately fired him!

Too bad. If he had learned anything about the company he'd
have discovered it was possible to know too much.

But that’s a Universal Maxim, no? However eccentric our place
of employment.

The Pressers of this world are too intent on intellectual display
having nothing to do with real business!

Later, Chupsey-the-Survivor wisecracked. “Will one discover
an Invisible Hand under the rugs over that wheelchair?”

“Not usually,” young Hobart sneered, “it’s too busy going
up your ass!”

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