Saturday, July 16, 2016


Aesthetics-Ending Demonstration

-Not in dispute: you are beautiful. One of the Greats!

-Not easy!

-Ah but it mostly is, You can do what most
women can’t. Wrap you hair in a rag and
go out to Starbucks in a ratty army jacket.

-Isn’t it strange that men will whip out their phone 
cameras even then?

-Not strange. No. I don’t blame them. You know,
of course, that I, too, am considered beautiful.
More the chiseled classic, but nonetheless…


-You know also that something is afoot to credit
the plain woman. Give her rights she deserves?
Even though she…

-I’m all for that!

-Me too!


-(joins her)

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Beauty talks. Ugly walks.
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