Sunday, July 10, 2016



People fell very slowly in the new country.
One from a twelve-foot ladder could take a day.

So when Mr Darl fell from the highest knob in High Knob State Park,  Max, Laurine and the kids went out to greet him as he passed the North Face Picnic Area.

As others had done before, they brought a backpack full of snacks and juice.

He was the only celebrity they knew.

He begged them to get strong men to catch him
when he hit the bottom of Black Ravine in two months!

This flummoxed the family, since it was a moral cornerstone here never to ask anyone for anything.

But they did persuade the firemen to go in there at the appropriate time.

No problem: they had a drunken picnic and staggered mightily even before catching him in a net.

Mr Darl is always first with a fruit basket on New Christmas!

At family and firemen.

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