Saturday, July 09, 2016


Small World

He couldn’t speak. Laryngitis.

Then wouldn’t.

The first week in, he took a week
in Seaside. Rental Cabin.

There to work on toy designs away
from the shop.

He came up with Captain Smitty
and the tugboat, Mary-Lou.

And, back in his home studio,
Shipmates Chipper and Doogie.

Cook Delilah was a late night
inspiration watching Casablanca.

If Ingrid Bergman considerably

When Jennifer brought some stuff
from work, she became intrigued
with his silence.

On weekly visits, she really got to
understand him. And interpret
him to the others at work.

One night she couldn’t leave in
ferocious rain. Waited till midnight
and fell asleep.

Then, she pretty much didn’t leave

He’s beginning to talk to her normally.

She works with him on suggested
scripts enclosed with the full
Captain Smitty set.

The Crew Cuts a Sick Lady’s Grass
is among the latest.

Many tend this way, with the new
owner a Lefty.

Last was The Crew Goes to Washington,
and Captain Smitty testifies before Congress!

But, both agree that the whole crew should
return to the water and stay there.

Jennifer is now Cook Delilah when they talk.

Biffer Hoxey, his boss, calls her that now, also,
when she shows up at work.

She mostly cooks for Captain Smitty, in their
new, larger house.

Mates Chipper and Doogie stay their bulbous
figurines, but Smitty and Delilah often take
their parts in little plays.

Her mother has visited, with the lovers

She proves to be a winner in imitating
Chipper and Doogie, shaking each in
arguing with each other.

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Moth in law a tugboat? Appropriate.
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