Sunday, July 24, 2016


Too Many Heavy Things

"Craig is such a Boy SCOUT!"

He wants to invoke Rule One then,
but can’t help saying "Well my
Ruthie's no Girl Scout. That’s for sure!"

"But, I know, we're not to be discussing
spouses. I mean it's such good luck our
small conventions in this same hotel."
At that point she attempts to add a
confirming smile.

"Look! I got Ritz Crackers and there's
nice cheddar spread in your mini frig.
Lets go to my room and feast. I brought
this Kraut Ice Wine. Delicious! I stuck it
in the little freezer thing."

But she is pondering. "We...always have this
little pop-off before. You...could have let
Rule One slide."

"Inevitable! We'll get through it."

Both laugh. Maybe no argument this time.

"Most of the world is lonely," she decides to
finally say.

A dance band starts rehearsing in the ballroom.
Wheezy and flat.

He maintains she says too many heavy things.

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