Friday, August 05, 2016


2066 …

or the more things change…

-They painted the passageways, and Larry
sent Robot Benny to check on the stickiness,
or none.

All the painters yelled! Except Gloria, who
shrieked out a girlish C over C.

That last piercing did it for Benny, who whirled
thrice and collapsed!

-Ridiculous! His whole LINE is oversensitive!

-Got him in a dark room.  Deprogrammer Litzky
types in calming algorithms.

-Send that Litz to me later!

-No need, Ruthie! Just the one thing does it for ladies!

-Sex harassment rap at your old place too?

-I take it back! And any three future utterances!

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RB harassment, eh?
C over c a toughie.
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