Sunday, August 07, 2016


Will She?

-Wow! Your presence announces!
One moment not there, and then, Whammo!

-I enjoy being paid attention to.

-A  fellow at my wife’s office? Snake! Your opposite.You sense 
him before he enters.  Or slithers.

-I’ll never be accused of that!

-What a wonderful full, bright laugh! Ballsy even! Gives me hope! Us!

-That’s nice.

-It has been despair here! Crawling! Empty! Despised! Humiliating! Thought it’d never end! But now? With you?

-A possibility.

-Would anything I SAY…?

-Neither for or against makes a bit of difference.
In your favor, all your favors, I have extensively prepared.

-I’ll ...just have to BLURT it out! Will you sing?

-I might.

-Would prayer help?

-It’s all, simply, up to me.

-For what it’s worth, I don’t care for the demeaning label of Fat Lady.

-I  have Art; I don’t require revenge.

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The fat lady gets no respect at all.
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