Saturday, September 17, 2016


Conversation, not ordinary

-Then you're a...ghost, then?



-Nothing like. I stayed because I
like it here.

-What's my role in connection to...?

-Not a thing. Oh would be nice if on
your walk you said “Look at that!
Isn't it pretty?”

-As to, like, sunset?

-Right! I've seen millions and they're
still pretty.

-Are...others around. Other Ghosts?

-Scores! But you see only me.


-One day you won't.

-Why is that?

-You'll die.

-Join your ranks?

-If wished. Only then.

-Some want nothing? Less?

-You’re making your mind up
about that every day.

-Too heavy for me. Let’s stick
with sunsets.

-Up to you.

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ghost suffers no foolery
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