Monday, September 26, 2016


Hillbilly Mirror

-The van Iderstines still embark on The Sunday Drive!

-Actual Bentley?

-The same!

-And our task?

-To Hillbilly Mirror them. We got an old Chevvy
pickup we bashed real good. And overalls and trashy flannel shirts from Salvation Army.

-Thus ridicule the Upper CLAHHHHS! Love it! But to what end?

-A gradual one. Who wants Revolution? All that blood!

-I sure don’t. Holding onto a job and getting the kids to school wears me out!

-But that IS their design. You must begin to transcend for all our sakes!

-Fuck everybody! Double dose to our Bentley duo.

-Let’s seize something tomorrow! Take it over!

-Tomorrow’s not a good day.

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Maybe Monday
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