Friday, September 16, 2016


King’s English

-We were three Polacks who stunk.

Too much physical work and not 
enough showers. And in comes this Brit! 

Saville Fuckin Row!


-Oxford accent, rolled umbrella! Hired him
on the spot!

-In what capacity?


-What did he do?


-All for Class?

-Looked and sounded so nice! Civilized.

-Well, he must’ve had SOME talent!

-Like in the Bible, kept it under a basket?

--All that money paid to…!

-Just five years. Then we retired him
with as much pomp as General Macarthur!

-Good riddance!--to the Brit, not Douglas.

-I miss him!

-However could you…?”

-No talent and no work: where’s the threat?

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Gotta love the brits!
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