Sunday, October 16, 2016


Couple of Convenience

-Smeds cleaned the apartment!
Took whole week.

-How’s it look?



-He won’t throw anything away.

-Needs a lady.

-Funny you should say that! Lucy True
being thrown out. Her place went condo
and she can’t afford...

-Life can be cruel. Let’s turn the page.

-Let’s not?

-You can’t mean Smeds and Lucy?

-Why not? She’s one ruthless cleaner.
No sentimentality!

-His trophy for perfect attendance, Sixth Grade?

-First to go! Why you laughing?

-Smeds and Lucy!

-Hey she just moves in. Anything else is their business.

-But practically, he HAS to avert her bringing bums home.

-They’ll work it out. Who cares about all that shit?

-Maybe they’ll fall in love?


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