Monday, October 31, 2016


Keeping Track

For some reason, Larkin
inventoried the drinking
glass separately.

Glass, Yellow Plastic, 12 OZ.

He used it for his thyroid pill
this and each morning.

That afternoon, sister Jill and her girlfriend
Marcy dropped in...and great fuss
getting tea to them, and a sleeve
of Lorna Doones!

Unused to company.

Finally, they left.

But the glass had gone missing, and
its inventory sheet, too, usually stored
in the rear of the cutlery drawer.

Marcy being a bit of a wag, he thought
of phoning and dropping hints that he
knew, etc. what the two were up to.

But, this would play into their hands.

Three days passed, and he knew he had
to come up with a better scheme. One
more clever.

The ones he thought of filled him with

Then he  found the glass in the trash
as he was tying the bag to remove
from the...

Oh well, innocent enough, he surmised.

He visualized Marcy’s elbow hitting it
and knocking it into the trash.

She's a pretty frenetic one, and wouldn't

All logical motives lack mystery,
of course...but one nagging
conundrum remained.

The inventory sheet.

He searched the cutlery drawer and
discovered it had been shoved even
further into the rear and severely

His sister! he ratiocinated. She cut
her Lorna Doone, wiped the knife
and restored same to drawer:
clumsily it appears.

Yes, she cut Lorna Doones!

An odd family, but whose isn't?

At any rate, he luckily avoided the
sticky situation where he’d be
accused of being nuts.

And allied babbling scenarios
even more insane.

Don’t ever again try to be clever.
It’s a minefield!
he counseled

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