Monday, October 03, 2016


In the Red Basement

Mox was chipper when the shitstorm hit.

Just getting out of his car.

Why didn't he climb back in?

The company remotely locked all cars
until quitting time!

He suffered the blinding hundred yards to the entrance.

Head appeared! And ordered him stripped and hosed off in the red basement.

The men proved fine, laughing, but the women grimly turned their streams onto his genitals. 

Head stopped that. "Object is get the stink off, not to hear shrieks."

Then the women requested he be put in a dress.

Head laughed, and ordered up a fluffy white robe.

Which Mox worked in all day long, attaining
celebrity status.

The women grumbled that the place was losing its fun.

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Scifi thrillah!
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