Wednesday, October 12, 2016


The Man Who Researched

And not a new thing for him, what with
computers. For he had journals full of 

notes in small handwriting also.

Most of his self-referential probing
took on a medical bent. His finding
out about the diseases he had or
imagined he had.

All very neatly filed in his den.

No harm, no foul.


What is the worst or best such a private 

being could do?

He got married.

No interest in females apparent before.

So there you have it.

What he had, then, was his research library
in a dirt sub basement of the house
they moved to.

There he developed a cough...but he's
not really on his way out.

And his wife not the ogre who assigned him
there either. For they soon had a contractor
in to rebuild his den, even adding
lovely paneling.

There he could do his internet research
and print out the results. And its own
climate system cured his cough.

That part of the house belonged to him,
the more old-fashioned parts, his wife.

That such a disparate couple got along
amazed the neighbors.

In his medical sector, he was soon moderating
complaining quarrels between cranks.
Some on Skype.

Oh yes, his occupation. Allied. He wrote copy
for physicians' brochures.

Another great change!--if you regard marriage
as the first: Joined a group from the office
buying Philadelphia Eagles Season Tickets.

Did you know, for example, that during World
War Two, the teams from Pittsburgh and Philly
combined into the 

He, of course, found this out, as well as
a million other facts. He dedicated a special
i-Pad to the subject and draped a corner
of the den with green banners and blankets.

She encouraged him to invite the fellows
to watch TV there for the away games.

And dressed in green football jersey and
micro shorts herself.

Her example prompted the men to invite
girlfriends and wives.

Soon, 37 Ogden Circle a noisy place
of certain Sundays.

But, did our researcher neglect his
original subject of disease? 

In becoming genial and laughing host?

Who could believe it? Yes! Yes!

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