Sunday, November 27, 2016


Caesar Is Stabbed in Rome

The UMass people of the West
had done well, and Doc, Pharmacy
80, was pleased to help defray
the costs of bringing the basketball
team to play University of Montana.

He invited Rudge and Charlie, and
picked them up early at their planetarium.

Actually a narrow two-story addition to
the dusty rancher.

There, first, to watch a still of the night sky,
and hear the recorded voice of Charlie,
a Full-Brooded Crow, very slowly announce
“The night sky when Caesar stabbed in Rome.”

“Just lovely!” Doc whispered later in the Ford
Expedition. His compliments were always
deeply felt.

Unknown to them, Charlie’s voice continued,
since Rudge forgot to switch off the sound.

So Caesar kept being stabbed in Rome...
No one in the alley to hear about it.

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