Friday, December 02, 2016


A Bracelet Shaken in a Dance

-As my career winds down,
I more and more have to
convince younger colleagues
of my worth.

-That gang now is fractious
and edgy. Not a laugh in
a carload.

-Fair appraisal.

-How long do you have?

-The CEO, half my age, doing
my final evaluation.

-Did you pack your shit in the
famous cardboard box yet?

-My last trick is to distract him.
A sort of gypsy dance with lots
of silver bracelets.

-The flash sets him to musing on
pleasant topics, and he says...?

-Let's keep the gypsy for another
year or so. Plug it into some new
group or other.

-Where no one wants you?


-Or, OR! he says...?

-You know? I'm sick of gypsies and
their dances. Let's terminate now.

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