Saturday, December 10, 2016


Death and Innovation

Fresh from his MBA, Clifford put in charge
of a new, experimental department called
The Lab.

Here, innovative solutions blah blah blah.

He was joined by others, including Hortense,
who spouted new ideas continuously.

The Lab's Main Function was to run seminars
for the other departments, convincing them
they were sticks in the mud. Which they were.

Upper Management loved Clifford and Hortense,
and the corporation received many high-publicity
awards because of them.

Soon enough, Clifford and Hortense loved
each other.

And married. A new Board had swept in from
Moral Phoenix and that connubial state, only,
set well with them.

But, Hortense grew restless. All the innovations
proved same-old same-old to her.

She quit to start a firm counseling employees
trapped by fluid management.

Had so much work that two years later she
persuaded Clifford to partner in the cause.
They had learned the ropes and knots together,

As long as bullshit rules, it must be countered

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