Sunday, December 04, 2016



Linc Hess

never took "City of Angels"
seriously. Until he saw some.

Oh not the whimsical creatures
hauling wings around, but actual

On van Nuys, a guy handing out
playground equipment to hiving

Began glowing!

Now Gretch and he were no angels!
No way!

But some little something about
them was.

If...they could talk again, maybe
THAT could come out, and not all
the neurotic shit: gnashing!

But her latest was a wildcatter,
and they were going somewhere in
the world unknown to search for oil.

Wildcatters at their age! All boom-bust
should be unknown after forty!

 Linc did text her that he had been
wrong so many times.

She answered. “Wrong right so WHAT

now? As always, I'm moving on.”

Nothing angelic there.

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