Monday, December 26, 2016


Stalking Rest

For my wallpaper on the new computer,
I chose an aerial view of a flanking
neighborhood, mostly because of
the Suicide’s Cottage in its little cove.

Hallmark card with a twist. Anyway,
a local legend.

Fine, except she continuously walked
into the water, white flowing nightgown,

Through my programs at times.

To purge this ghost, I changed  to snow and
solid New England spires.

There, she stepped through drifts white as
her nightgown. Absurd.

No use, then, regardless of wallpaper.

Finally, though, still tried sombre abstraction.

Yet, In front of pillows of rusts and  browns
she wades in and whitely breasts the first
black wave consisting of felt bolsters.

Turn off computer, go for a walk…to get there.

The cutting wind sweeps away the last remnants
of storm-smell.

Stride into the woods to discover ample brush .

To fashion a wreath.

Place it on the rise and fall of black-gray Lampey’s Cove.

Say nothing, just watch, and can’t feel my fingers.

Much noise re-entering house, since the computer has turned itself on to Western brilliance.

Dashing rivers, red rocks, and cottonwoods.

Some fluff actually blows round the den.

Square dance calls and whoops!  I tap the
speaker icon to mute the horrible distortion.

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