Monday, December 05, 2016


Topic A

Participants searingly direct and
honest, ordinarily, at the Way of Calvary 

Adult Discussion Group.

Some displayed their embarrassing
addictions as if determined to
suffer even further in the telling.

But...when it came to sex, a kind
of Victorian quaintness enveloped.

Even the rare euphemism felt nearly

Like soft-spoken Maryanne D. claiming
her boyfriend abnormally interested in...
her "thing."

Leader Cliff finally invited a sex therapist,
Dr Hodley Nethers, who gave them a reprint
of one of his articles, and used clinical
terms again and again.

Soon the group was using them too, but with
an air of superiority: as if to say those people
are really really sick!

Dr Nethers confided to Cliff that such airs
were an important first step.

Cliff...started to worry that he had a tiger
by the tail.

“Exactly! But that's what it is once we
acknowledge it."

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