Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Desiring Toast

Rex couldn't get warm
in the new house.

He brought back the
heating engineers, and
they assured him that
the system was almost
double what was needed.

An old aunt contributed
her heavy quilt depicting
World's Fair scenes.

Bundled in this, he met his
medical team in the steaming

They ruled out this and that
disease, and came up with nothing.

His girlfriend could've helped, but
she was doing the final sales push
for Delphinium Acres, staring
at 490,000.

Finally, Chuckie Blitiz, the absolute
joker in everything, seriously showed
him the ad that frigid evening.

Enjoys sex with wild abandon! Sustained.

A certain Rosa Destiny.

Well, pondered Rex. In the name of Therapy...

The Sustained did it.

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