Thursday, January 26, 2017


Schooling the Inert

 When Marks read Cindy-Jo's
Divorce Complaint, he mostly
nodded yes to get her off
his back.

But his lawyer insist he contest
some points.

All confrontation was hard for Marks.
Even on petty matters.

Took Aggressiveness Training once,
where the participants swore at each
other with exaggerated bitterness.

So, a Patsy. His choice.

But not for the action at hand.

He fought. A little. Then, more.

Anyway, the contestants threw the kitchen
sink at each other, followed by smaller
sinks from the bathrooms in their split level.

Anyway, again, this couple hammered out a settlement, like cleaving couples do.

And Marks became bolder in life because of
the process! Not.

He pretty much reverted to passive.

Hey! We can't all scream continuously!

Anyway. Personality. Such a mystery! Let's
do our best at fathoming our own quirky one.

First. Then take a hand to unraveling those
of our friends.

And Good Luck with all of that!

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