Sunday, February 12, 2017



A Southern Attorney General is after Jerr
for his little carnival doll.

It's not the usual Capitalistic screwing,
of course, obscene profit margin, but the
medical cures hinted at in the enclosed

Taiwan makes the doll for $1.47 and
Jerr sells it for $38. He throws in
the large button battery.

"Wumps" walks a bit, then falls down.
Gets up, falls again.

“Children learn you can fall again and
that it's all right!”

So claims Jerr.

His lawyer tells him to expect some
brief jail time.

This inevitability brings a lecture to
the rest of us. How come the true mega
thieves in AMERICA GET AWAY WITH...?

Well, they just do. Kick against some
other pricks!

He threatens to move.

But we inform him that he's already in
the sleazy paradise of all time.

And, even in his horrible moral upset, he
seems to know that.

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