Tuesday, February 07, 2017


Buzz and Little Buzz

Buzz helms our Flyers Club, and is an Alien.
Little Buzz, recently-joined, is an Alien also.

Only communicates with with Buzz by--what else?--buzzing.

Buzz mostly speaks the King's English to us, and is nicknamed The Brit.

Our club mostly consists of married and impromptu couples, some single men and women.

Of the latter, the tomboys we call “Muck Maidens” since they're the loudest and most obscene when the players are mucking it up along the boards.

The last memory I have of such brutal  activity was when a New York Ranger shouted, mid insults as to a Flyer's mother, “What the hell's all that buzzing?”

At that point, our Jeanette Plessy got into his face and he looked darkly shocked.

By the way, Buzz permits no disparaging remarks as to the fairer sex.

Has experienced various romances along  the years, and concludes with reverence that women are absolutely remarkable.

Little Buzz seems to agree. Hard to judge.

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